The Beautiful Street


With a focus on street & club dance styles and culture, The Beautiful Street is a place that Katie J shares her love of dance, art, teaching, events and performances.

I always had an interest in dance but didn’t follow my passion until I moved to Oregon 11 years ago. Beginning my education in modern dance, I eventually was introduced to Street & Club dance styles including House, Popping, Hip Hop, Waacking, Breaking and the list continues to grow. In 2015, I spent 4 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where graffiti is painted on every corner. I began to seek out work created by female artists and found that most people could count the number of female artists on one hand. Similarly, seeing how women in street dance are often the minority, I felt inspired to create this blog.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon, where I am the Fundraising Coordinator and Instructor at The Aspire Project and a freelance Event Coordinator. I continue to dive deeper into these dance styles and culture through traveling, learning from teachers who share the foundation and history, and creating community events. 

Contact me about performing, teaching, events or to talk dance!

Photo by  Vance Walstra

Photo by Vance Walstra