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Back At It

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Hi friends and buddies, Has it been two weeks already?


It's true.

I arrived back to the States and hit the ground running.  It has been biz-zee.  Damn. BUT after starting a full-time job, going to Minnesota to see my family, battling in Seattle, and partying (and teaching) at What The Festival with my buddies, I am incredibly happy I got to spend this last weekend in Portland!  I got a good mix of everything--rest, kisses, river time, inspiring dance performance, and a bass-filled park party. Wow! Even in writing this I get to relive my awesome weekend.  And, also amazing, I felt rested today at work. Oh sleep, how I've missed you.

Okay, I feel like I'm gushing. I'm done now.

Also, coming back into my life is blogging.  Yay!

Today is short and sweet. I'm posting my top 16 battle in Seattle. I could blast you with my feelings but I mostly want to document my progress and share it. I will say, Groove Clan hosted a great event with Money B as the judge, and slew of impressive dancers.  The 7 to Smoke was off the chain, and Boy Wonder, who I battled, has an incredible patience and follow through. I definitely respect that guy.  Dope.