The Beautiful Street


Katie JanovecComment

This morning I woke up thinking about the influential women in my life, and specifically in Argentina. So FIRST, I want to give a shout-out to Eva Perón.

Eva Perón, or Evita, was a women's rights activist, actress, and the first lady in 1946.  She grew up in poverty and fought for woman's suffrage and for the impoverished.  She was a well respected figure then, and now.  Recently, her photo was printed on the peso, which in our day and age shows true respect, right?  But yes, she is revered here for sure.

So how does Evita work into my life?  One, I believe she is a woman we should all know about and two, Monday was a holiday in which the nation celebrated independence--not women's independence but still, it got me thinking.  Seventy years ago she was fighting for ladies like ME.

Many Argentines celebrate holidays by you know, celebrating and partying.  But due to my tooth extraction on Friday, I just wasn't up for my typical Sunday nights at Makena.  It is usually the one night of the week I am sure to find other dancers getting down, but I chose to rest (which my body so needs right now).  I instead slept, and joined my friend, Isa, Monday morning to begin my day with Reusi Da Ton (just learned how to spell that one).

"Reusi Da Ton is an ancient Thai self care practice that incorporates meditation, self massage, range of motion exercises, breath work, stretches and exercises."

I felt blessed to begin my day with three other ladies and [Bonus!] I was able to understand almost all of the conversation.  Whew!  Following the practice I spent the day with Isa.  I connected with Isa through my super amazing buddy, Jess.  They met in Thailand in February and both are Thai massage therapists.  Once Isa returned to Argentina we connected, and I have so appreciated having her as a friend here.  She is always quick to laugh at my language mishaps and tell me to chill out.  Thanks girl!  And [Bonus!], it is special to have Jess across the world and still be able to share in a somewhat mutual experience with her.

So there is my holyday, and a little Evita thrown in.