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My Argentina Anniversary

TravelKatie Janovec1 Comment

I officially returned from Argentina one year ago today!

I want to take a moment to reflect, as this anniversary feels more monumental than other's. The last year was filled with lots of change and I can recognize, in many areas of my life, I have made moves! That always feels good.

I professionally moved into the world of PR and copywriting and have learned a great deal, and still am.

Dance is a constant that I lean on, love, and train in. I am growing and progressing and like any passion, I have days where I feel a level of confidence and days I don’t like anything my body is doing. But most days, I move, whether that is on my way to my desk or a dance session.

I am choreographing a piece.

I restarted this lovely blog.

I have opportunities lined up to teach dance with teenagers.

I have a meditation practice.

I now enjoy listening to and reading entrepreneurial podcasts and books. 

I have been exploring the world of buying a house, which still seems unlikely, but is a complicated, interesting world to venture into.

This last year I have committed more fully to many of my personal endeavors. My passion has grown and my focus is narrowing on what I can best be used for. It isn’t time for me to travel; it is time for me to stay put and see what I can seed and nurture. I have been adulting hard. I have even been looking for a little dog ;)

While I am content with all of my physical endeavors and I love how I spend my time, I look back at the last year and I see that it was emotionally one of the most challenging. There were lots of tears, sadness, loss and pain. I attached onto the 9-5 schedule like it was the best new invention. The routine of my life kept me balanced and moving forward and at age 29, I finally understood why people work these hours! Wow.

I look over the last year and I ask myself, how did I become a better person? A better friend? How did I become more balanced? How did I spiritually grow? What is the basis for my connection with others, myself and with a Higher Power?

Sometimes I can answer those with confidence, and other times I feel a little less, honest. The path to truth is not an easy one. It is long and curvy, and sometimes I feel I am just hanging on as I get whipped around the corner. And other times I feel that the truth is right here, in front of me, inside of me, and amongst me. I am stepping into the next year of change, acceptance, and full on push to expand more and fear less.