The Beautiful Street

Rain & Roller

Katie JanovecComment

Today, I woke up, listening to the rain, drifting in and out of sleep. I eventually rolled over, looked at my phone and realized I had five minutes until my Spanish class.  Oops!  I jumped out of bed and was shortly on the bus, but maintained my tranquil beginning, and integrated it throughout my day.

My boyfriend, Jung, left to return to the States yesterday.  And my girl, Lindsay, who was supposed to arrive last Friday, couldn't get here due to the volcano popping off in Chile. Flights were cancelled for days.  Boo.

So I find myself alone and it just so happens that today, it is very cold.  And when I say cold, I mean it feels like a Portland, OR, day here.  I decided to take this day completely to myself, which I now remember is easy to do when it is gray, rainy, and I am lacking a proper umbrella.

Now, I am at my favorite coffee shop, LAB, which is currently being struck by the 6 o'clock crowd.  It is very common for Argentines to have a coffee and a pastry at this hour, as dinner is later in the evening.  I thought that perhaps today I would share a few pics and moments that I have had here in Argentina.

This is Jordana.

I stopped and talked with this sweet lady while I was walking in one of the amazing parks here in Buenos Aires.  It appears that rollerblading is actually a widely accepted past time. I feel like rollerblading is uhhh, possibly dorky in the United States, unless you're by a beach town?!  I love rollerblading and remember skating to the corner store in Portland last summer to buy some hard cider.  I was not the coolest cat but now recognize I'm not a nerd everywhere.  As she was the only chica rollerblading with these dudes, I asked her if a lot of women rollerblade here and she said yes, although not as many participate in competitions.

And then these girls.... They are just too cool; I had to take a picture of them.

I mean seriously, look at them.  The shorts, their colors, the actual roller skates?  These girls are totally rad.  I saw these girls at a skate park which is located inside one of Buenos Aires modern day fairgrounds. These girls are holding it down with the traditional skates!  I am thinking skates are making a come back and maybe, I don't even know about it.

And lastly, opposite of the skate park was this building.  A building completely dedicated to the elements of hip hop.  While I took this pic of my friend, Sorcha, there was a breakdancing class happening inside, graffiti on the walls, and an interview playing of an MC.

Just a sneak peak into my Buenos Aires experience.