The Beautiful Street


Katie JanovecComment

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  Here is a quick reflection of mine. I spent much of Saturday afternoon walking, looking at art, eying potential gifts, mentally reworking my budget, and snapping photos of the city things that I had yet to capture.  I reveled in the joy of being outside on a perfect fall day, and gave thanks that I could actually walk around in really flat shoes for 4 hours.  (What?!)  This is unheard of.

While I've struggled with embracing or fleeing loneliness and solitude in my Argentina stay, I felt very calm strolling through familiar and unfamiliar streets.  Perhaps, it is because my free days will shortly be filled up (I somehow managed to score a job in Portland, that I'm totally stoked about).  Or, I'd like to think that I'm tired of fearing loneliness and struggling to escape my thoughts.  At some moment it becomes frustrating to feel frustrated, and at that point, I just accept that I am human and give myself a break.

***Goal for this week: Keep it a little more silly***