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Opening Night at PICA's 16th Annual Time-Based Art Festival

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I had the pleasure of producing Opening Night for the 16th Annual Time-Based Art (TBA) festival at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA). The Beautiful Street along with Find A Way and PDXBall hosted and kicked off this awesome 10-day art festival on September 6 by curating a group of live and lit dancers to perform and battle.

What else could ya girl want?

DJ Gaan started the party playing some tunes for the dancers to warm up and the audience members still cruising in. Then the night moved into dance performances showcasing the styles of Locking, Waacking, House, Popping, Vogue, Krump and Dancehall. MC Brandon Harrison introduced each dance style by giving the audience a little history of where it came from and what it is.

I loved this.

It was so wonderful to set the context of what the audience was about to see in the upcoming BATTLE. Yep, the main focus of the night was a 7-to-smoke dance battle.

Seven pre-selected dancers, one wildcard dancer and three judges were invited to participate in a Qing/Kween of the Hill style battle. This was a 45-minute competition where two dancers have 45 seconds each to battle 1v1 against each other, show their dance skills, impress the judges, wow the crowd and have fun. The judges choose a winner and the winner advances to the next round until one dancer has officially beat all 7 dancers, hence the name 7-to-smoke!

This evening was so fun for me. Thank you PICA for believing in me to organize this event and thank you to everyone who is a part of the street and club dance community and showed up.

AND thank you to everyone who WAS this event - Jesus Rodales, Brandon Harrison, Gaan, Tracey Wong, Icon, Shady, Bouton, Bradass, Donnamation, Sonja Corzano, Tomb, Chris Moua, Protoman, Alia Lux, Alfred Trinidad, Decimus, Daniel Girón, Juju Nikz, Yen Boogie, Lockstatic, Dae Dae and Mr. Wu!

Y’all inspire me on the daily.

Pictures by PICA volunteers

Street & Club Dance Battle At Portland Rose Festival

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rose festival grp 2018

I am so excited to share video and pics from the 7-To-Smoke Dance Battle hosted at the Portland Rose Festival on June 2, 2018. This was the first ever dance battle at the Rose Festival and it was super!  My goal was to celebrate the street & club style dancers and artists of Portland, Oregon. I invited eight talented and committed dancers and three judges with diverse dance styles to participate in the 7-To-Smoke dance battle. The ever-talented Mr. Wu was the DJ and the wonderful Char Loro came up from Vancity to MC and direct the flow of this event.

Being able to organize this event and partner with the Portland Rose Festival was incredibly validating for me. When I began dancing at age 20, it was difficult to imagine dance could be anything more than a hobby, especially because I have been sidelined many times due to chronic back pain. But with each year of life, I develop a new relationship with movement, with my body and a greater commitment to this dance life! Having injuries has pushed me to participate in dance culture in a different capacity, i.e. producing events. To witness street and club style dancers bring IT for an audience of 300-400 people was literally, the best.

Thank you to everyone who showed up --> 
Dance Invitees: Decimus, Arsnl, Juju Nikz, Mechta, Tombo, Paula, Lobo & Bao, Judges: Jungwho Kim, Tomb & Daniel Girón
MC: Char Loro
DJ: Mr. Wu
Photographer: Jimmy Le
Videographer: Conrad Kazcor

Thank you to the dance community, who gave their love and support, and a special shout out to the Rose Festival and audience goers who gave their energy! xoxo