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=] Robot Date Night [=

Katie Janovec2 Comments

Last night, I felt inspired to go to roBOt festival, an electronic music event in which the artists incorporate technology, aka incredible visuals, into their live or electronic sets.  I asked a few of my lady friends to accompany me but for various reasons they could not go.

Yes, it was fairly far from my house in a sketchy neighborhood and I was by myself, but hey, I wanted to go so I went.  I decided to make a date night with myself and proceeded to choose my outfit from my limited wardrobe.

Here is what I came up with...

Green sweater - free (clothing swap)
White shirt - 130 pesos - $12
Green pants -  $15 (used)
Earrings - 250 pesos - $22
Triangle necklace - gift Belt - basement find
Fanny pack - 80 pesos - $7
Nike Jordans - $80, (okay I dropped some $ on these)
Nars lipstick - $27

As I rode the bus to the event, I began running through the cost of my outfit.  I found it rather amusing as how pieced together everything is.  Sure, I'd love to buy new things all the time, but I just can't afford it.  And really, I love getting things for free or affordable. Still, the lipstick and those shoes...well worth the money spent!

Now onto the event.

Let's just say, it was appropriately named.  If I wasn't getting completely tripped (or spooked) out by watching the visuals, I was pretty much practicing my robot (dance). If you're into trippy shit, check out Sebastian Seifert and/or Atom.  Seifert included visuals of topographical maps, cities, and reflections.  In an instant it would morph into granulated and pixilated images.  Does that make sense?  I'm trying to explain what I saw here but it's not easy.  And Atom, he straight up ended his set with a series of 15 atom bombs blowing up on the screen behind him.  Wow.  Let's just say, I was happy I was sober.

This event was set in another amazing cultural center of Buenos Aires. Check this place out.


Stunning huh?!!

Anyway, an interesting date night for sure.