The Beautiful Street


Welcome to La Calle Hermosa!

Katie JanovecComment

It is May Day, 79°F here in Portland, Oregon, and I am not only celebrating the beautiful weather but the joy I feel in re-launching this blog. I am so excited to get this up and runnin' (again). I officially bring you the new and improved internet lady landing space! 

I started this blog last year (check my 1st post here) while I was living in Argentina but took a hiatus after returning to the States. When I was in Argentina, I became captivated and inundated with the street art in Buenos Aires. I began to seek out work created by female artists and found most people could count the number of female graffiti artists on one hand. Being a street dancer and often attending events that are mostly dominated by dudes, I became inspired to share women coming up in an artistic world where they are often the minority.

And so, La Calle Hermosa began. La Calle Hermosa translates to "The Beautiful Street." The street is a beautiful place in which many art forms i.e. dance, graffiti, music etc., have been created and are still created. This blog will focus on, but is not limited to, art that can be or is done in the street. 

I see women doing dope art on the regular and am excited to share work definitely worth checking out. Stay tuned, subscribe and check back!

Enjoy the day! I am off to the river for a hike and some Vitamin D soaking, sun laying time.