The Beautiful Street



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I. Am. Sleep. Deprived. What a great time to write then, eh?  I am currently en route back to Portland and believe I just had the worst airplane sleep ever—as in maybe I slept two hours on an overnight flight.  This is also coming off of a weekend of 5-hour nights.  ¡Que malisimo!

Anyway, what can I do?  It's just part of the ups and downs and turns of life. (Note to self: Take a sleep aid next time.  How could I forget this?)

Yesterday, as my flight took off from Buenos Aires, I quietly began to cry as I watched the expansive city lights fade away.  All of a sudden my lengthy trip, was over.  My friends asked, when are you going to return?  I barely have the next 4 months planned out, so of course I had no answer for them.

I think back to my memories and experiences in Buenos Aires, the people I met, the streets I walked, the dances I shared, the emotions I felt, and I know that I've changed and learned and grown.  But it is difficult to put my finger on just how that works into my returning life in Portland.

Today, I want to leave you with a female emcee that I've been listening to lately.  This is Reverie from L.A.

This lady speaks her truth and I respect that.  I don't share in a similar life story, but I see this lady open to change and growth.  And that I can vibe.