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Goin' IN at What The Festival 2016

DanceKatie JanovecComment

I had the joy of attending What the Festival 2016 out in Dufur, Oregon, and after a week of getting back into the groove of city life, I am sitting at my kitchen window and remembering all the good times from last weekend.

So to recap…

Goals: Fun-having and Performing

This year, I got the pleasure of roboting around the Illuminated Forest in a full light-up LED suit with the awesome Vo Vera from the Sacred G’s. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we cruised around and interacted with festival goers on the path and in the art installations. I loved being in character for long spans of time and felt so rewarded by all of the people who stopped and played with us. We were greeted with eyes wide open, jaw dropping stares and exclamations of, “You are awesome!”

I specifically loved the ladies who would interact, either by imitating me as a robot, giving me a high five, smiling at me or just observing. Those moments made the slow, 20 minute robot walk uphill so worth it, and I thank you! I am so happy I got to add a layer of happiness to people’s festi experience. (P.S. If anyone has more pictures, I’d love to see them).

Saturday and Sunday, I performed in an all styles piece with Donna and Daisy, ladies from my crew Upjump, at the Shinto stage. Donna curated and brought Portland street dance - breaking, popping, house, krump to festival land, and I am so grateful that Allowe (Shinto extraordinaire creator) invited us to grace her stages.

If you did not spend time in the Shinto - weak! Put it on your list for next year. I experienced three consecutive sunrises, bowls of miso, dance sessions, and of course, beautiful dj sets by my friends. So good.

Other highlights include, laughing with my ladies, music (duh), being surrounded by people that I love, daytime dance classes with Donnamation, Todd, Jungwho + Westin, a Krump lesson at 6am with Tyler, Bonobo and all the feels of gratitude, witnessing my talented friends do them, whether that be as dancers, musicians, performers, comedians, builders, or all of the above. It is so great to see my friends becoming even better versions of themselves.

Thanks WTF for bringing it real. I feel blessed to be able to participate and experience the fun.

And next year, I want to see all those talented, dancer friends of mine performing on the main stages ;)