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Katie J Dances

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I am excited to publish a video of just ME! Woohoo. Take a watch!  

This was my first solo video and it was filmed by my buddy and roommate Conrad, aka Icon SleepyTut. I have danced with Conrad many times, but something about a camera being in my face made me feel a little uncomfortable and pressured to perform?!

Chill Katie. It is always about feeling the music.

I am grateful to have worked with Conrad who is a dancer; he gave me specific suggestions as to what sort of movement or energy looks dynamic in the camera. He also helped me find the right music, as it is truly a challenging process to find the right music for what I'm feeling and how I'm moving. (This song is by Kaytranada - Track Uno) 
Through watching myself on screen I am reminded of essential movement tools I want to utilize while I'm dancing such as to look up, be patient, breathe and listen to the music. This video was shot back in April and I can see I have made progress since then. Some newer tools I am integrating are to use my head more, be aware of the story I tell with my face, utilize space, direction and that new new - how to interact with the camera.

I've watched videos since then that have really inspired me such as this clip from Natasha Gorrie. She appears to be almost calculated with her movement. Originally I mistook it for slight hesitation but it isn't hesitation, she is just listening and being patient. I love this Sun and Dassy video and this Black Lives Matter vid I shared last week. 

Looking forward to the next shoot and hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching.

(Hit up Conrad at for any of your film needs)