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A woman photographing women

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I cannot believe it is already Thursday!  Today, I woke up thinking about home in Portland, Oregon.  My thoughts have started to shift stateside as I will be returning home in two weeks.  The time is quickly approaching and I can't believe it.  I am so thankful for my time here in Buenos Aires, AND I'm looking forward to a summer with my friends.  I did check the weather today and saw that it is warmer here.  Still winning! Today, I'm going to focus on a photo exposition that I stumbled upon last weekend.  My friend, Sorcha (pronounced Circa) and I decided to go to the botanical gardens.  I had passed this park multiple times on foot, in bus, and actually, my yoga studio is across the street from the garden.  Regardless, I had never entered other then to step through the gate and sit on a bench for a few minutes.

Upon arrival, we saw a band playing and people milling about.  After determining that the entrance was in fact behind (or just to the side) of the band, we entered the building and look what I found.

(a Black H'mong woman living in Vietnam)

A photo exposition focusing on women.


Mirjam Letsch is a photographer from Amsterdam that travels the world capturing people through photography.  In this specific exposition, she focuses on women from India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Salta and Jujuy, Argentina.  And, another great side note is that she created the Duniya Foundation, which provides accessibility to healthcare and education in a northern Indian city.  Recently, Duniya also began working in Vietnam.

!Qué bien!


This is a woman in a village in Jujuy, Argentina, spinning wool while walking in the street.

Those green eyes though, from the Thar Desert in India.

Of course, besides the photo expo, there was a botanical garden and a rather large park that we strolled around in.  I wanted to post a picture of myself in the garden, but they really were terrible, so I'll keep working on my photography skills.

In the meantime, here's a view of the park.

One can (almost) escape the city of Buenos Aires.

=] Robot Date Night [=

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Last night, I felt inspired to go to roBOt festival, an electronic music event in which the artists incorporate technology, aka incredible visuals, into their live or electronic sets.  I asked a few of my lady friends to accompany me but for various reasons they could not go.

Yes, it was fairly far from my house in a sketchy neighborhood and I was by myself, but hey, I wanted to go so I went.  I decided to make a date night with myself and proceeded to choose my outfit from my limited wardrobe.

Here is what I came up with...

Green sweater - free (clothing swap)
White shirt - 130 pesos - $12
Green pants -  $15 (used)
Earrings - 250 pesos - $22
Triangle necklace - gift Belt - basement find
Fanny pack - 80 pesos - $7
Nike Jordans - $80, (okay I dropped some $ on these)
Nars lipstick - $27

As I rode the bus to the event, I began running through the cost of my outfit.  I found it rather amusing as how pieced together everything is.  Sure, I'd love to buy new things all the time, but I just can't afford it.  And really, I love getting things for free or affordable. Still, the lipstick and those shoes...well worth the money spent!

Now onto the event.

Let's just say, it was appropriately named.  If I wasn't getting completely tripped (or spooked) out by watching the visuals, I was pretty much practicing my robot (dance). If you're into trippy shit, check out Sebastian Seifert and/or Atom.  Seifert included visuals of topographical maps, cities, and reflections.  In an instant it would morph into granulated and pixilated images.  Does that make sense?  I'm trying to explain what I saw here but it's not easy.  And Atom, he straight up ended his set with a series of 15 atom bombs blowing up on the screen behind him.  Wow.  Let's just say, I was happy I was sober.

This event was set in another amazing cultural center of Buenos Aires. Check this place out.


Stunning huh?!!

Anyway, an interesting date night for sure.