The Beautiful Street

We Must FEEL

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On Saturday I came home from a trauma-informed yoga training, opened my computer and began reading the news. I read articles, scanned Facebook, and I came across this video. WATCH

"Strange Fruit" Nina Simone Movement Artists = SHE Streeter, Angyil Mcneal & Kevin "Konkrete" Davis Jr.

"Strange Fruit" Nina Simone
Movement Artists = SHE Streeter, Angyil Mcneal & Kevin "Konkrete" Davis Jr.

Movement speaks to me in a way that words cannot. Viewing this video, my entire body could FEEL the pain, the loss, the desperation.

Watching and reading the news and linking from one Facebook post to another, the emotion hits me in my heart and in my mind. But watching this video my entire body can feel. It is so important for me to feel, for everyone to feel, because if black people are experiencing injustice and pain, we all have a part, we are all fragmented.

And as a white person who may have a hard time reading the news or watching a video like this, this is for me and for you. We absolutely have to look at the injustice. This isn’t the time to look away, because as my friend says, “I can’t check out from the daily experience of being a black person. I can’t take a break from it all."

And so I’m staying checked in and after sitting on my couch and crying Saturday night, I went out and danced. I went out to release, to move how I wanted to move and to be a part of the community. I went to JUMP JACK Sound Machine, an event for "queerdos, art makers, qweens, movers, and allies." 

Stepping into that space I immediately felt comfortable to experience me, whatever I was in that moment. Seeing everyone be themselves and being able to dance exactly as I wanted was therapy, and provides the ability to stay checked in.

For years the dance floor has been home to people who have been ostracized because they were labeled "different." I feel such joy on the dance floor because different is so beautiful in movement. Just like the many faces I see in the media, protests or in my city, different is beautiful.

Stay checked in.