The Beautiful Street

Yo! My first post.

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Hi buddies! This is officially my first blog post!

Yay and Welcome!

I am Katie J.


This is "La Calle Hermosa" or "The Beautiful Street."  (I think I prefer the Spanish title).  I am officially way over halfway into my 5-month stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and want to get this blog rolling so I can begin sharing with you all.  As I have generated ideas, taken notes, and begun learning all about the blog world, I came to the conclusion that really what I want to post about is....WOMEN.

And some rad ass women at that!

(Of course my life will be sprinkled in as well:)

Coming to a new country with a few contacts but no real friends, I realized that I crave a female support system that I have back home in Portland, Oregon.  I love me some ladies, especially my friends, but I also love to hear and see what rockin', independent, strong, beautiful women are doing out there in the world.  I love to see women living their joy and their art.

As I find myself being apart of street dance communities, they are usually dominated by men.  So when I see a lady jump in the cypher, my eyes perk up a bit and I take note.  Or when I go on a graffiti tour and there are only two female artists showcased, I write their names down and I look them up.  Or, the other day, I was walking in a park and saw a lady rollerblading with eight guys, so I stopped and asked her about the female presence in the rollerblading community.  Get it girls!

This blog is here to highlight women that are living their joy and their art and succeeding.

Here we go!